While you are working on your financing, a fun piece to complete is the Match Making questionnaire!

What are your priorities in a home, and a home share partner? What are your likes and dislikes? Here is an opportunity to choose your neighbour. Now you can tell us what is important to you and/or your family.

Fill out the form below. Tell us about the portion of your house you would like to sell, and we will use the information to help find suitable candidates for Shared Home Ownership.


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    Answer the questions below and give a priority number to each question. 1 would be a high priority and 10 would be a low priority. The same number can be used more than once if the items have the same priority for you.

    1. Do you plan to sell your upper or lower unit? UpperLower

    2. What do you think the value of your entire house is?

    3. What do you think the price range is of the living space you will sell?
    Minimum: $
    Maximum: $

    4. How many bedrooms are in the living space you will sell?

    5. How many bathrooms are in the living space you will sell?

    6. What is the square footage of the living space you will sell?

    7. Are there stairs to the living space you will sell? YesNo

    8. Are children welcome? YesNo

    9. Are dogs allowed? YesNo

    10. Are cat allowed? YesNo

    11. Will smoking be allowed? YesNo

    12. Will pot smoking be allowed? YesNo

    13. Is a yard available? YesNo

    14. Is a garden available? YesNo

    15. Are parking spots available? YesNo
    Number of spots:

    16. Is RV parking available? YesNo

    17. Is the home near schools? YesNo

    18. Is the home on a bus route? YesNo

    19. Do you require your home share partner to provide a criminal record check? YesNo

    20. Do you intend to rent your unit, or allow rentals of units in your home? YesNo

    Where is the home located?

    ColwoodEsquimaltHighlandsLangfordMalahat areaMetchosinNorth SaanichSaanich EastCentral SaanichSaanich WestSidneySookeEast SookeOak BayVic WestVictoriaView Royal


    After finishing the form, click on the send button above to submit your answers.  If you don’t see a message indicating that the form was successfully submitted, scroll up on the page to see where on the form there is an error.


    Once the form has been successfully submitted, the next step is the legal agreements needed to proceed with Shared Home Ownership.

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