Partial Home Sellers

  • You can “Age in Place” in your own home and surroundings.
  • Cash in the bank, investments or debt reduction.
  • Buy that toy you’ve wanted, a new car or motorhome.
  • You can choose the ground level unit if you have mobility concerns.
  • Plan that trip you have always wanted to take.
  • Someone will be living in a part of your home and can perhaps care for the yard while you travel.
  • Someone around for companionship and safety.
  • If you still have a mortgage, it is now reduced to the portion you own.
  • The program has many benefits over a reverse mortgage (like a Chip Mortgage), in the fact that you won’t have a loan that is accumulating interest over time. You can get your cash up front or cash and monthly payments if you choose to be a first mortgage holder.
  • You will likely have many parties interested in purchasing a portion of your home, and you will have the opportunity to interview many people for the privilege of becoming your Home Share partner.
  • If you don’t live in a house with a legal suite, and would like this type of arrangement, you can sell your home and collaborate with someone who wants to buy and share a new home. We have a builder option available for you, so we can design and “purpose-build” a new home for you, that provides the type of home and layout you prefer.
  • If you have no mortgage on your property, you can choose to provide a first mortgage to your home share partner, if you choose, and provide steady income for yourself and your retirement.

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