Once the offer has been made and accepted, the partners will make final adjustments to the legal agreement, based on the on the percentage of ownership, common and private areas, required monthly expenses for maintenance, taxes and insurance.  Once the agreements have been finalized, each party will be required to have an independent lawyer advise them on the agreement.

Del Elgersma (elgersma@beaconlaw.ca) of Beacon Law is the lawyer you want to contact, as this is the law firm that created the agreement and can assist in making final adjustments. They will also be able to recommend another law firm for the other partner so that there is no conflict of interest between the two parties.  See the Beacon Law Services website for real estate information and watch the video to see all of their services: Beacon Law Services

When everyone is happy with the agreement, and subject conditions have been satisfied, we will remove the conditions and deposits will be put in trust.

After conditions have been removed, you and your partner(s) can set up a bank account to handle mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and a contingency fund.

On the closing date the keys to the secondary portion of the property will be picked up by one of our team members, and turned over to your home share partner on the possession date. David will do a walk through with the new owners.

We will be available to help you during your transition period, should you have any questions or concerns.