Shared Home Buyers

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    • Home ownership is virtually impossible for a lot of people and especially younger people, without the help of their parents.
    • We are selling only homes with legal suites to two separate parties.
    • If we can cut the cost of a home in half, we are also cutting the cost of the down payment for ownership in half.
    • This concept has been used for decades to build wealth within families.
    • We estimate that a $700,000 home has the potential to create $240,000 in equity for the participants in 5 years (with mortgage pay down and the increase in value)*
    • When you rent you are paying someone else’s mortgage, and there is no assurance you can stay in the property.
    • You get to choose a financially qualified partner who is also looking to find a suitable match, create some tenure, and build some equity.
    • We will provide a tight enforceable legal agreement between all parties, spelling out the rules of the partnership.

*Estimates for potential equity gains are based on statistics over the last 5 years. We do not guarantee what your gains will be.

Contact us  We will answer any questions you have, and send you the Letter of Intent form to start the process.

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If this program isn’t what you are looking for, but you know someone who may be interested, visit our referral signup page. When the person you refer completes a purchase with us, you receive a referral fee of $200. Easy as that!